VIDEO: Needle size scares Sonko from donating blood

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Apr 8th 2019 at 10:47
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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is undoubtedly a household name with many labels to his demeanour. He has in the past played a fearless character in his pursuits to fight the corrupt, government and even those doing what is contrary to his wish.

Inarguably, he is also known for acts of compassion and generosity where on record, he has willingly helped many in need without hesitation.

His willingness to help those in need earned him Good Deeds ambassador in Kenya in December 2018.

But during the Good Deeds Day celebration at City Hall Nairobi, Governor Sonko mesmerized many by being afraid to donate blood owing to the size of the needle.

In a video recording posted on YouTube by Eye Witness, the city-county boss is seen lying in a reclining chair ready to donate blood.

When the attending nurse approached with the needle that will be used to draw blood Sonko could not take it. He got hold of the needle from the hand of the nurse, looked at it and uttered; “It is too big, it is too big”. He walked away. He did not donate blood.

The county boss later while addressing the crowd urged them to continue helping those in need unconditionally and announced that he will host Good Deeds Africa Regional Conference in August 2019.

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