Man claims to be owner of Probox with similar number plate to Steve Mbogo’s Range Rover

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Apr 6th 2019 at 12:39
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On Friday, detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) revealed that they had recovered a Range Rover from politician Steve Mbogo for evading duty.

The DCI further accused Mbogo of fraudulently obtaining number plates.

“Detectives have today (Friday) afternoon recovered a Range Rover from Mr. Steve Mbogo for the offence of evading duty and fraudulently obtaining Number Plates.

“Upon carrying out preliminary investigations, the vehicle number plates were found to belong to a probox,” said the DCI.

A few hours later, a man only identified as Bett declared that he was the owner of the Probox in question, adding that he bought it in 2017.

“Hello Am the owner of the said probox reg no KCL 830A which is sharing the same with the impounded Range Rover....I bought the Toyota probox from Wesley kones July 2017 therefore I own it,” he said.

Netizens joked that he should claim his Range Rover, advising him that it was a chance of a lifetime.

Jackson Leonne: Bett claim your range Rover. Every day is a miracle day

Fahim: Probox imegrow into a Range Rover claim it

Keniakiki: Mate....God works in mysterious ways. One day you have Probox the next day you have Range Rover.

Others, however, questioned the authenticity of his claims and a spot check on his Twitter handle revealed that Bett opened his account in April 2019 and has no tweets yet.

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