Kenyans react after Chinese company donates beer to starving residents

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Apr 6th 2019 at 09:23
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There was drama at Katikit Mixed Boarding Primary School in Tiaty, Baringo County, after locals who had shown up to receive relief food on Friday were also offered beer.

Ghuanshan International, a Chinese mining company, donated 300 bags of maize, 20 cartons of cooking oil and more than 20 cartons of a Chinese made beer as part of its corporate social responsibility.

As soon as the area’s Member of Parliament William Kamket left, a scramble ensued as locals tried to get their hands on the donation.

The firm’s Director Han Ke noted that they included beer in their ‘menu’ because locals love it.

“Locals in this area love liquor and I saw it fit to include it as part of food donation to the hunger-ravaged villages. We also donated more than 300 bags of maize and cooking oil,” he told journalists. 

Online, Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) were quick to react and while some maintained that it is wrong to give beer to starving residents, others saw humour in it.

Joseph Macharia: Isokei, it will help them digest the food and also forget their problems for a day. A can a day keeps worries at bay!

Donald Ochieng: This is the happiness that comes with beer after long starvation

Mwana Mgambo: Alcohol has been known to drown sorrows

Nelly Yatich: I like this company. They know people drink anyways. So they added the booze to their food aid. Let us not pretend to be holier than thou

Mwangi Mubea: Scientifically three beers are equal to one chapati.

Francis Gathua: Ndio walewe waibe punda zao

Mansa Musa: Good way to make them forget about hunger

Joe Kimotho: Mnapewa chakula na kinywaji na mnaringa????

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