PHOTOS: Ugandan nine-year-old boy marries six-year-old after dating for five years

By Fay Ngina | Friday, Apr 5th 2019 at 09:34
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Photos of nine-year-old boy marrying a six-year old girl in Nakapyata Village, Buyende Town Council in Buyende District in eastern, Uganda have gone viral.

According to reports by Daily Monitor, the two who were born with teeth, given a ‘matrimonial hut’ to live as husband and wife on Monday.

Despite it being illegal to get married or engage in sexual relations before the age of 18 in Uganda, it’s reported that the two started dating when the boy was three years and the girl was only three months old.

The boy’s father, who refers to the girl as ‘my son’s wife’, says the nine-year-old’s birth came with ‘overwhelming blessings’. 

“My son was born with two teeth and his wife was also born with two teeth. His birth came with overwhelming blessings and his name should unite both Baganda and Basoga [tribes],” he said.

The girl’s mother says the six-year-old started speaking when the moment she was born.

“She started speaking immediately after birth! When I went into labour, I asked what baby it was and I was told it was a girl. However, the midwife stunned me when she said my baby had been born with two teeth and nearly dropped her,” said the mother.

The wedding, which is a cultural event, saw the couple sit two three-feet long snakes which are meant to protect them according to the elders. 

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