Son becomes lawyer, wins back family land 23 years after father lost it

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Apr 4th 2019 at 08:56
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In 1996, Jordan Kinyera was only six years old and did not have a clear career path.

However, this changed the same year after his father was sued by neighbours following a land dispute.

The case dragged on for years and eventually, his father lost the piece of land.

Kinyera told BBC Newsday that seeing his father suffer drove him to pursue law and 23 years later, he has won back the piece of land.

"I made the decision to become a lawyer later in life but much of it was inspired by events I grew up witnessing, the circumstances and frustrations my family went through during the trial and how it affected us.

"My dad was retired, so he didn't have a lot of resources. He wasn't earning at that time. He was desperate and there is something dehumanising about being in a desperate situation and not being able to do something about it.

“That is what inspired me the most,” he said.

His father is now 82 years and although he cannot do much with the piece of land, Kinyera vowed to pick up from where he left.

Also, he highlighted that land disputes in his home country (Uganda) are widespread and internally displaced Ugandans often find themselves in land disputes after spending years away from home.

He has now taken it upon himself to represent a number of clients with such cases.

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