Kenya Mpya bus crashes woman’s leg on Thika Road

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Apr 4th 2019 at 08:20
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Kenyans reacted angrily on Wednesday afternoon after a bus, KCN 587S, belonging to Kenya Mpya, crashed a woman’s leg on Thika Road.

According to eyewitnesses, the bus driver was evading traffic police when he ran over the woman and badly damaged her leg.

Gross photos were shared online and Ureport has learnt that the woman, who was writhing in pain, was quickly rushed to hospital.

Most eye-witnesses could barely stand the grotesque scene and urged the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to act quickly and halt the company’s operations.

Online, many narrated their near-death experiences with Kenya Mpya buses and pointed out that some of their drivers are reckless on the road.

“The speed at which these Kenya Mpya buses 'fly' along Thika Road is quite alarming. Always jumping from one lane to another mindless of any approaching vehicle, animal or human being!!”

“For how long will Kenya Mpya continue with this sort of behaviour!? Are they this much untouchable or are they above the law!? Take a good look at that lady,a very good look!!!”

“The driver of this Kenya mpya bus should be arrested even if he run and digs a tunnel to hide in. The owners of these #UntouchableKillerBuses should give this mother a lifelong compensation.”

“While on the road fear kenya mpya like any other plague too careless not once or twice nimetolewa kwa barabara harrasing any cyclist on the way akikuona anakutoa kwa barabara nw theve broken an innocent pedestrian leg there is need fr change on thika road.”

“Good Morning @DCI_Kenya, While trying to run away from traffic police officers, this Kenya Mpya Bus basically knocked down this woman and amputated her leg. Please take action. It's not the first time a Kenya Mpya bus has been on the Spotlight for Causing accidents.”

(Photo courtesy of Ma3Route)

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