Campus men spare us this come-visit-me nonsense

By Elijah Odhiambo Ochieng | Wednesday, Apr 3rd 2019 at 14:39
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Campus dating has graduated and gone a notch higher as comrades have made its a routine of using this common campus phrase 'come visit me.'

"Are you admitted to a hospital to be visited?" Campus ladies ask. The ladies especially are the primary target in this prey-predator feeding relationship that campus boys emulate. 

This phrase has conquered campus especially with the beginning of the rainy seasons.

Campus girls, please take care because the team 'mafisi' are on a mission to feed on you during this season. They don't want to use the obvious of 'come we spend together,' but rather they've resorted to use words such as come visit me, come for lunch at my place... My sister, don't be part of this trap. 

Dear campus ladies, please play your cards right and never be part of this hide and seek game these campus men play.

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