Tale of a calendar mystery surrounding April's fools day

By Bosco Ondieki | Monday, Apr 1st 2019 at 15:14
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April 1st is definitely a day for pranksters and mischievous people to reign. They call the shots for jokes and a hoax of some kind. They make fool of people they wish, in a bid to tickle their funny bones. The main motive is always to create a comedic effect. This prank-centric day has attracted not only pranksters but also established tabloids and media houses. In today’s newspaper, you must have seen several.

Have you heard Murathe has apologized to the Deputy President William Ruto? Don't tell me you have not heard that Kenyan singer Akothe is going to be the Cabinet Secretary for Culture? All these well-crafted pleasantries tell a tale of a long-awaited day for many societies all over the world.

However much cautious or skeptical one can be, at this era where social media is the king of the majority our social lives, one cannot help but fall prey to many pranks pouring out on many social platforms.

New Calendar

For a fact, its origin dates back to centuries. It is uncertain the exact time and how it began but many mysteries have evolved over the years to demystify how this much-hyped day came into being.

Featuring one of the interesting mystery surrounding the adoption of the new calendar, History has it that many ancient cultures celebrated their New Year’s Day on April 1.

But on 1582 Pope Gregory XIII ordered the use of the new calendar that made the first day of the new year to be January 1. Many people were reported to have defied the order as others ignorantly continued with their usual calendar marking their new year day as April 1.

In response to their character, those who responded to the pope’s order referred those who did otherwise as fools. Eventually, jokes were made to them in a bid to make them believe in things that were false. They fall for those jokes. They were comically labelled fools. This is just but one of the many mysteries credited to be the reason behind this day.

Despite the fact that its roots are not clear, the day is always remembered with glee year in and year out as companies, workers and colleagues among many endeavoring to craft that gag which will stand out and be the talk of the day.

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