Sonko responds to Maina Kamanda’s social media attack

By Fay Ngina | Thursday, Mar 28th 2019 at 09:49
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Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has responded to Nominated Jubilee Member of Parliament (MP) Maina Kamanda concerning the remarks he made after his visit to Turkana County.

Governor Sonko had gone to Turkana with his team to donate food after news of the hunger disaster in 17 counties hit headlines.

“As we wait for a permanent solution to address this famine disaster and the National Government 2B Kshs disbursement to various counties affected by drought, my team accompanied by leaders from Turkana county continued to distribute foodstuffs to the needy residents,” said Sonko during his visit to Turkana.

However, Kamanda attacked the governor using his social media handle and told Sonko that he used the situation to popularize himself by taking his photography team adding that Nairobi is still in bad condition and in need of his services.

“Dear Governor, after going to Turkana with your complete photograph team, please wake up and serve Nairobians. Streets are still dirty, hawkers being harassed, drainage pathetic and workers being fired left right like garbage. Nairobians also need service,” said Kamanda.

Sonko responded saying that he respected Kamanda and could not understand why he would make such remarks as he went to Turkana and West Pokot for three days.

He also responded to his statement concerning the state of Nairobi saying that they have done what they can to ensure the city is clean.

“What is wrong with this old man Hon. Maina Kamanda whom I respect alot. Is it bad to help other Kenyans when they're in need? Anyway we are trying our best to ensure our streets are clean, we are doing around 9 markets which are over 80% complete including the multi storeyed mwariro hawkers market in kariakor near CBD putting in consideration Nairobi is ranked as an international city we must control our hawkers from being all over the CBD and finally the issue of firing staff, let them do the right thing, any staff who engages in corruption and laziness will be fired,” said Sonko.

Reports of drought in Turkana and other counties has angered a lot of Kenyans as top leaders say they are not aware of the situation.

Deputy President William Ruto has also denied that anyone has died of hunger in the affected areas despite media reports.

One chief was also summoned by his bosses after he revealed the hunger situation in his area.

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