Slay but with focus and direction

By STEVE MOKAYA | Wednesday, Mar 27th 2019 at 15:58
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One of the quotes that I picked from my philosophy classes was that of Socrates that the unexamined life is not worth living.

Well, that means that one should explore life left, right and centre, and one should not fear taking risks. For those in university and colleges, it sort of gives us a leeway to do all that we deem best in our eyes.

It goes ahead and rubberstamps the new enjoyment form in town- slaying as it is best known. But wait. Watch ye carefully lest you be swept by this wave.

As much as you are entitled to entertainment and pleasure, you must train yourself to place demarcations and painstakingly seek to see that you don’t cross over. I mean, if you are partying, for example, you should be careful not to party all your way from Friday to Friday.


That will be costly and it will certainly bring your grades to ground zero. In addition, the cost of meeting all those ‘assignments’ might be coming from your parents or guardians and they are obviously not getting the cash off trees. Anybody who invests in you, regardless of the relationship that they have with you, will demand to see good outcome.

Be mindful of those parents at home who might be scratching the earth to keep you 'comfy' on campus.

Again, with all that smooth life of joy, happiness that you have decided to lead, remember to pay attention to your studies. You must bear it in mind that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, your grades will matter a lot.

Supplementary (or ‘Sups’ as they are best known among comrades) are not good at all. You should dread them and avoid them like a skin disease.


They sort of cast a spell on you. But then again, you should not aim at surpassing the ‘sup’ mark. I know academic life may give you a life-threatening challenge, but with determination and some focus, you can sail through some not-so-appealing grades. But only if you adjust your time for slaying... Go slow on that lane oh brother, oh sister.

Now that it is ‘official’ that slaying in campus goes hand in hand with drinking and smoking, remember you have a single body to live in.

That weed might change your life direction forever. That drink might disorient your life ethos and principles. For ladies and men alike, the drink that you might be so much craving for might be a channel to your first (unsafe) sex which might lead to some unplanned things.

Even with the advent of cancer, remember that HIV/AIDS and her cousins are around, roaring up from all corners of campus corners, cubicles and bushes, ready to devour any unsuspecting comrade. Take care of your body.

Finally, brethren, have a value system. If you are a Christian, go to church. If you are a Muslim to the mosque; a Hindu, head to the temple- at least have a place to connect with your creator. Relieve your life stress by reading the Holy book, congregating somewhere for a sermon, talk with your God. Help those who you can. Be nice to people, all people. Do not slay blindly, put your value specs on.

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