If there is no love, accept and move on

By Gichuki Lydia Wandia | Friday, Mar 22nd 2019 at 15:58
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People have fallen in and out of love and nobody should die because of it. The only person who died for love was Jesus Christ and his death was enough.

The recent incident of a police officer killing his lover is clear evidence people find it hard to move on after breakups.

According to social media posts, the man had educated the woman to the tertiary level, secured a good job and he couldn’t stomach her leaving after all that.

Heartbreaks hurt. Almost everyone has experienced that but it’s not enough reason to end someone’s life regardless of what you had done for your partner.

If someone falls in love with you, there is a possibility of falling out of love. You can’t man someone’s heart and dictate when and how it should love you.

Love is freedom, that is when you know it’s true love because there were other options but they chose you. Many people, in general, don’t understand that love is not control and it’s not selfishness.

Accepting and moving on is a hard thing to do mostly when experiencing a heartbreak but it’s the right thing to do and if not for the other person for yourself.

Take for instance the case above, the man has left his child with no parent to take care of him, he will spend his time in jail and has caused pain and suffering to his ex-wife’s family and his.

We shouldn’t glorify or justify murder for whatever reason, we should ask ourselves when we dump someone for whatever reason did we deserve to die?

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