VIDEO: Popular street couple who enjoyed romantic Diani treat back on the streets

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Mar 21st 2019 at 07:48
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Famous Kenyan street couple Sammy Black and his wife Virginia Njeri are back in the streets of Nairobi after being ditched by well-wishers who had promised to help them.

They now only have memories of their famous holiday trip to Diani.

Photos of the couple that were taken after their complete makeover in February 2018 had awed Kenyans and it seemed like they had finally landed their breakthrough.


They are now back in the streets, right behind Galitos on Moi Avenue to be precise.

Theirs is a sad a story, from grass to grace then quickly back to grass.

Blackie revealed that his friends welcomed him back with open arms but he feels used, saying some of the well-wishers just used them as a PR stunt.

They had been promised rent for five months but Ureport has learnt that this ended in June 2018.

“They promised us a carwash and that life would be smooth from then henceforth. They paid our rent for four months but after that nothing came our way,” narrates Blackie.

He adds: “I always reminisce about the Diani trip and it disturbs me.”

His friends also believe that corporates were out to build their brands by pretending to take care of the couple and their selfish motives have led Blackie and Njeri to go back to street life yet they would be somewhere making a difference in the society.

The two lovebirds have not given up on each other despite their shortcomings and hope for better days ahead.

Here is the video:

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