#WeCannotIgnore: Kenyans, top journalists put pressure on Uhuru, Ruto to address drought

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Mar 19th 2019 at 12:55
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Kenyans from all walks of life on Tuesday morning put pressure on the government to avert the hunger crisis experienced in over 13 counties.

Through the hashtag #WeCannotIgnore, a number of top journalists and social media influencers urged the government to act quickly after photos of hunger-stricken Kenyans were shared on social media.

The prolonged drought in Turkana and Baringo counties has resulted in a number of deaths as reports indicate four have already lost their lives although some government officials have rubbished these claims.

Most netizens asked the government to stop ignoring hunger-stricken Kenyans and quickly act before the situation gets out of hand.

I hate that we have to address this hunger issues when its already affecting lives!!!!... Since I’m sure it’s going to happen again and again and again, kindly next time it does, tell us before a life is lost. We can do so much just as Kenyans - comedian Nasra Yusuf.

When I look at my paycheck and see how much the government takes away from me; and millions others; in the name of PAYE; there is more than enough to feed famine stricken Kenyans. PLEASE GOK; stop wasting time and use my taxes properly! – Caroll Radull.

Good morning #Kenya Let’s not ignore #Turkana – Ali Manzu

If hunger is not killing them, then Govt must immediately stop these Turkanas from working themselves out to death in their air-conditioned gyms – Linus Kaikai

Why is there a drought in the nation? How often has it occured? How many Kenyans have died? What is being done to avoid deaths? Do we ever learn? – Mwangi Maina

1.1 Million Kenyans facing starvation, in a country where food security has always been top of our agenda. We can’t keep doing this Kenyans, we simply can’t – Cynthia Mwangi

#WeCannotIgnore the situation being witnessed is Kenya is cyclical, we will witness the same sad state of affairs again and again: What happened to early warning systems? The Meteorological Department says it gave numerous warnings about the delay in the start of the rain season – Jamila Mohamed

Everytime i read an article about drought, heat stress (due to the current high temperatures) and floods.Late Wangari Maathai's statement rings in my head: "if we destroy nature. If we don't take care of nature, nature will destroy us – Elizabeth Merab

On Monday Deputy President William Ruto announced that the government had made available Sh2 billion to manage the crisis, adding that the funds will ensure adequate distribution of food to needy populations.

“The Government has made available Sh2bn to manage and mitigate drought that has affected 865,000 people directly in 13 counties. The funds will ensure adequate distribution of food and life-saving aid to needy populations, water trucking and complement first-line interventions by county governments,” said the DP During a meeting to review the drought situation at Harambee Annex, Nairobi County.

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