Pastor arrested for threatening journalist

By Brian Ukaya | Monday, Mar 18th 2019 at 10:34
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In the video doing rounds on social media, the controversial pastor who calls himself “Chief General Commander” is seen directing threats at Kaikai.

Linus Kaikai had earlier on said that the Government should regulate pastors whom he described as spiritual fraudsters.

“The people behind these so-called churches have gone rogue in the name of God,” Kaikai said.

“We are dealing with thieves not men of God. These are cold-blooded evangelical vampires living off the blood of their flock in the name of Jesus. They are conmen who must have their date with our police and our law courts. Some of them preach prosperity but only they profit.”

“To these characters, Sunday, a day ordained as the Lord’s Day of rest and worship has become the most profitable day on the trading floor. Offerings flow like a mighty river and onward into their private accounts in the Lord’s name.”

Kaikai went ahead and listed instances when pastors had made the news for conning members of their churches.

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