Lillian Muli — Don’t allow yourself to be a side chick

By Standard Reporter | Saturday, Mar 16th 2019 at 10:12
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Earlier this week, Citizen TV journalist Lillian Muli advised women to up their standards and shun the idea of being side chicks.

Through an Instagram post, Muli stated that relationships should be exclusive and the idea of sharing men should not be tolerated.

She further added that ‘her king is yet to be born’ but she is still hopeful that he will come along the way.

“I believe it’s possible; relationships should be exclusive and uncluttered and there are good men and women out there who don’t have time for monkey business so don’t settle for crap know your worth.

“My king hasn’t been born yet though but I’m forever hopeful. Ladies what do you think??? I believe we can all do better,” she wrote.

The post drew a number of reactions from her followers and although some agreed with her, others stated they were comfortable as side chicks.

“Honestly there are people who still believe in one man one woman lies to this date??? If you are not ready to have your guy marry more than one woman then be ready to tolerate his cheating otherwise have a candid and factual conversation and stop living in imaginary worlds,” wrote one netizen.

“I was actually having this discussion with my boyfriend. Apparently, when a man decides to commit to one woman, other women will willingly throw themselves at him. They know all too well he has a significant other but they just don't care. He was asking why women do this to each other. We are our own worst enemies,” wrote another.

In modern day society, having a mpango wa kando is considered trendy in some quarters but it is high time we had an honest conversation.

Don’t you think you are too good to be a plan B? 

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