DPP’s list of accused persons by tribe elicits mixed reactions

By Standard Reporter | Thursday, Mar 14th 2019 at 13:02
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Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji on Wednesday revealed details of accused persons by their ethnic tribes since April 2018.

The DPP was responding to talk that he is targeting specific tribes, maintaining that he is doing his job and it is sad that some people are politicizing it.

Here is the breakdown as stated by the DPP:


“We are not targeting any individual. We have cases, evidence and we will put it before the court of law to decide.

“We have not, in any way, weaponised the war against corruption,” said Haji.

Kenyans online were, however, split on the matter and while some congratulated him for his job, others opined that it was wrong for him to generalize communities.

“Congrats my fellow kikuyu for maintaining the position despite a harsh competition from kalejins.”

“Noordin Haji has been the best thing that has happened to Kenya.”

“Somalis only 6! We need to pull up our socks, we can't be marginalised in every sector.”

“Tribes are never corrupt individuals are.”

“Stop this nonsense!!! Are corruption cases against tribes or individuals????”

“Tribes don't loot, individuals do. Anyway it was a response to those crying that their tribesmen involved in mega scams are being targeted in order to slow down the fight on graft.”

“Why are we ethnicising corruption? Let the DPP do his job. No need to waste time trying to prove himself in the press.”

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