Kenyans jump to the defense of man who strapped stolen goat meat on his body

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Mar 13th 2019 at 10:29
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Earlier this week, a man was caught with what is believed to have been stolen meat that he had carefully strapped on his body.

He was later ordered to strip down and beneath his clothes were pieces of meat that almost equaled an entire goat.

The suspect stated that he had come across the ‘stray goat’ while going about his business and did not see the owner.

However, Kenyans online were quick to defend him, saying he only wanted to feed his family and should not be harshly punished.

Others opined that only the poor face the full force of the law while culprits of mega scandals walk scot-free.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Leave him alone. He is hungry because of bigger thieves not ensuring their citizens have food.”

“Poverty has no dignity... sad! Im sure he will be prosecuted in a minute... poor guy.”

“Kula nyama member...wish those looting our funds would have been publicly humiliated too.”

“Blame it on poverty…I want to help him.”

“These are signs that common man suffers a lot in the current economy.”

“Detecting meat is much easier than detecting stolen loot.”

“But he's a genius all the same, who else would have thought of wrapping a whole stolen goat around his body?”

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