VIDEO: NTSA summons Meru shuttle over its crew members harassing a lady and her child

By Bosco Marita | Tuesday, Mar 12th 2019 at 10:34
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The national transport and safety authority (NTSA) has summoned Meru shuttle limited to present the crew members of a matatu with the registration number KBU 245G to Meru office today.

In a notice shared by on Facebook, NTSA promised to take stern action on the matter. The Authority also thanked the lady for taking a bold step of refusing to give space for excess passengers.

“The Authority wishes to inform the public that the Sacco officials have been directed to present the crew members to the NTSA office in Meru County on Monday 11th March, 2019 at 9am,” said NTSA.

The action follows a viral video recording that captured the matatu tout throwing out a lady and a minor from the vehicle for refusing to share her seat to give room for excess passengers.

In a 1:50 minute video, the conductor and the driver are heard ordering the woman out of the vehicle hurling insults at her.

Even after the woman claimed to be in the know of the cars registration number, the tout is heard telling her to take a snapshot of it and take it wherever she wants.

The NTSA also thanked the woman for being bold enough to get out of the matatu and thanked the passenger who recorded the video.

“The Authority takes this opportunity to thank the lady passenger for taking that bold decision and we encourage all road users to speak out when their safety or those of others is threatened. We also applaud the passenger who recorded the incident and shared the video. The action will go a long way in keeping our roads safe,” added the NTSA.

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