County officials slash allowances of 30 people during the Devolution Conference

By Standard Reporter | Monday, Mar 11th 2019 at 08:32
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A delegation 30 people from a county in Rift Valley that attended the recently concluded Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga are a disappointed lot.

This after their allowances were slashed by greedy county officials. Each of the participants was to get Sh21, 000 for the three day but ended up earning only Sh10, 000 each. 

According to the Grapevine, the delegation was barred from the venue of the conference since they had no accreditation cards.

The group was ferried to a location away from the conference and given each an envelope containing the Sh10,000, before being asked to go back home.

When they tried to complain they were told that the county could not manage to get accreditation cards and thus they should return home.

What shocked them more is that there was no explanation as to what would happen to the rest of their allowances.

Now part of the delegation is calling for accountability of the funds used for the conference.

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