VIDEO: Sonko takes a night stroll in CBD, bumps into Shebesh

By Standard Reporter | Saturday, Mar 9th 2019 at 13:18
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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Friday night decided to take a stroll in the CBD to carry out a number of inspections and bumped into Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Rachel Shebesh.

The governor was pleasantly surprised to see Shebesh and they exchanged pleasantries before the former Nairobi Woman Representative asked the cameraman to move away.

Sonko was live on his Facebook page but Shebesh quickly asked him to turn away the camera.

“Governor unatembea usiku?... kwa nini? Wachana na hizi vitu wewe (referring to the cameraman) …kata…si ukate (Governor, why are you working at night? Switch off the camera)” she said.

The two had a brief chat before Shebesh was driven away and the governor went about his business.

In recent days, Sonko has been heavily bashed for a lion statue that was erected at the University Way roundabout.

It is believed to be part of the governor’s beautification programme but many Kenyans did not approve of it.

“Lion that looks like he's contemplating hard economic times aside...How about just Nairobi City or Nairobi County and not Nairobi City County…Sonko is so extra!”

“Hii ndio ile simba wa yuda ama?”

"Uko tao wapi? "Hapa kwa hii simba inakaa imelipua jaba"

The governor is, however, unrelenting in his new ‘project’ and on Saturday he stated that the final touches were being done.

Here is the video:

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