Five types of people in Kenya you will meet during Marathons

By Fay Ngina | Friday, Mar 8th 2019 at 15:28
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In any marathon, be it Kenya or worldwide, there are always certain groups of people you are likely to encounter.

People all over the country will gather around Nairobi County on Sunday 10 March for the Beyond Zero Half Marathon.

The Half Marathon has been used by The Beyond Zero Initiative as “the anchor fundraising platform, raising funds and resources to bring to focus key challenges facing Kenyans and build strategic partnerships that will address these challenges.”

If you will part of the marathon, here are five types of people you are most likely to meet;

The runners

These are the people who are focused on running and finishing the race. Most of these people even spend weeks training, so that come the fateful day, won’t have a hard time running. They are also the people who win the best prizes.

The ‘selfie’ people

These people don’t run. They will spend 80 percent of the time taking pictures with friends or celebrities and post on their social media handles. For them, making an appearance at the marathon is good enough. These people have also been branded as ‘slay queens.’

The ‘walking race’ people

Instead of running, these people prefer walking. Some walk faster than others, some finish the race, and some do not. Most of them will run when the competition begins and for about three minutes or so, then result in walking the rest of the way.

The ‘poorly’ dressed

There’s a dress code for all marathons. For some of these races, you will be required to were a branded T-shirt. However, there are those, even with the branded T-shirt, will still dress inappropriately. Take, for instance, someone who comes for the marathon wearing dolly shoes, heels, jeans or even an official trouser. Not appropriate attire for the event.

The onlookers

These people will stand and watch what everyone else is doing; they won’t run or even walk, maybe roam a bit to get a glimpse of how people are running and criticize some of them. They may take some pictures but not all the time, and when the race is over, they’ll post these pictures and caption ‘At the Marathon… feeling very tired.’

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