Boda boda rider who is almost completing his Master’s Degree

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Mar 9th 2019 at 08:50
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When Martin Mutitu graduated from Kenyatta University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Education (Arts), he was full of optimism and looked forward to what life had in store for him.

They often say that the roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet, however, this was not the case for Mutitu who struggled to get employment.

He then enrolled for a Master’s Degree programme at the same institution in a bid to broaden his knowledge and position himself for a good job.

The journey, as it is for many people, was not all rosy. He did a number of menial jobs to make ends meet but one morning he felt he had had enough.

While speaking to Ureport, Mutitu vividly remembered how a potential employer offered him a basic salary of Sh10,000.

A graduate earning Sh10,000? How will I pay my bills? How will I eat? How will I send some money home? He wondered.

Mutitu opted to venture into the boda boda business and would make roughly Sh500 a day after his trips around Githunguri town.

He would use this money for his upkeep, as well as fund some of his pending school projects.

On Friday morning, Mutitu’s picture was doing rounds on social media. He was holding a placard on Thika Road near Ngara and passionately appealed to potential employers to help him out.

Although he has not received any calls yet, he remains optimistic that help will come his way and he will be able to successfully complete his studies and secure employment.

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