Uhuru asked to hire impressive sign language interpreter

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Mar 6th 2019 at 11:43
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While President Uhuru Kenyatta was giving his address during the 6th Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga County, the eyes of many were fixed on the sign language interpreter.

Not so often do you notice the sign language interpreter at such an event but Youla Nzale was so good that a section of Kenyans believe she should be hired by the President.

Her immense passion and attention to detail during President Kenyatta’s speech caught the eyes of many, who now wish to see her as part of the Communications team at State House.

Others suggested that she should be given the Head of State Commendation (HSC) for her exemplary work.

“I found myself following her more than I followed the President even though I couldn't understand the signs language. The lady was so good and passionate.”

“@UKenyatta should just have her hired as part of the presidential press service team. She should be interpreting #KanzeDena too.”

“Really good and professional! Deserves a good pay instead.”

“@KanzeDena here is your ideal working partner. Hard work and passion really pays.”

“Passionate lady.”

Later, Nzale admitted that she was nervous at first but prayers calmed her down.

“It was not through my own strength…God truly helped me. He gave me the confidence I needed to convey the message to the deaf people,” she said.

Nzale, who grew up in Mombasa County, further revealed that she developed a passion for sign language at an early age and has never looked back.

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