Immigration Department’s response to ‘unpatriotic’ Kenyan shocks netizens

By Bosco Ondieki | Monday, Mar 4th 2019 at 14:28
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Kenya’s immigration department on Sunday 3 march shocked many social media users, after reacting in a seemingly sarcastic manner, to a tweet of a Kenyan expressing her desire to leave Kenya soonest.

The tweet by by a user identified as Disgrace Jones expressed her desire to vacate his mother country Kenya to his preferred destination South Africa.

Jones had made a series of insulting tweets that caught the attention on the Immigration Department. 

“Can't wait to leave ma'f****** Kenya tomorrow. Every time I see an African country I think, "F*** me. South Africa is bomb as f***!!!!" read the tweet.

In response, the immigration department quoted the post and tweeted it with a caption “noted”.

Kenyans on twitter took the opportunity to blush the department for failing to address their key concerns but instead paying attention to what's important. 

“For four months I have been asking you guys about the status of my passport renewal but this is the kind of stuff you note?” replied @benogola to the tweet.

"@ImmigrationDept many Kenyans pose important questions, give important suggestions on service delivery & improvements but you just respond to such. This is just too low," said @cNyarige.

"And your busy answering useless tweets and it takes one 6 to 8 hrs for one to pick a passport and you separate the passport, and another hour for the birth certificate....,"responded @Abol_ger.

"You note such silly issues but never notice genuine complaints from Kenyans," said @Fidelmmoja. 

However, Other tweeter users expressed their unwavering love to their country Kenya scolding Jones for her ignorance that South Africa was still in Africa.

“Wow! Where to start? Firstly, South Africa (as the name implies) is in-fact an African country. Secondly, African countries like Kenya are leaving SA behind in terms of GDP growth, investor confidence, etc. Thirdly, never a good idea to 50m people in Kenya” tweeted @Pale_African_.

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