VIDEO: Boniface Mwangi rescues father of two from police over 'inappropriate' attire

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Mar 4th 2019 at 12:15
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An award-winning Kenyan photojournalist, politician and activist Boniface Mwangi was on Sunday 3 March morning involved in a scuffle with police officers, whom he accused of harassing a man thought by the security personnel to be wearing military T-shirt.

According to the activist, the unknown man approached him seeking his help to stop police officers who wanted to arrest him for allegedly wearing a military attire.

Mwangi was recorded questioning the police officers as to why they were harassing an innocent person, saying the t-shirt was clearly not a military attire.

“We were at The Hub when this man came running to me that the police want to arrest him for wearing "military uniform." He was with this his two children. I told the police that what he was wearing was not military fatigue. We stood our ground and escorted the man out of the mall, away from those two officers who were obviously abusing their authority” posted Mwangi. 

In a standoff that captured the attention of onlookers, Mwangi shifted the blame to one of the police officers who was chewing miraa, saying he was the one who deserved arrest terming his action unprofessional.

Appearing helpless and out of control of the situation, the police officers tried to find their way out by covering their face to avoid being recorded by the camera.

Trouble later ensued outside the Hub when a female police officer was seen trying to attack a woman recording them. However, the protesting crowd present made them corner their way out of sight.

The unidentified person at the center of controversy was later reported to have survived the arrest and was escorted out of the mall.

Here's the video; (COURTESY) 

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