CS causes stir at upmarket boutique over price

By Standard Reporter | Monday, Mar 4th 2019 at 09:09
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A Cabinet Secretary recently caused a stir at upmarket boutique after protesting that the shop was selling clothes at an exorbitant price.

The CS who was in the company of his aides walked into the clothes store at the high-end clothes store at Yaya and ordered for a trouser and a shirt.

He was informed by an attendant that a shirt goes for Sh8,000 while a trouser is sold for Sh10,000.

The official could hear none of it, insisting that he can’t pay more than Sh10,000 for both clothes at that the price should be lowered.

When he realized that his bargaining with the attendants had caught the eyes of fellow shoppers, the CS stormed out of the premises in a huff.

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