DPP vows to go after ‘Hessy wa Kayole’

By Standard Reporter | Friday, Mar 1st 2019 at 15:28
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The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has announced its intention to uncover undercover cop Hessy wa Kayole.

Through a tweet seen by Ureport, DPP Noordin Haji stated that he would write to the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet to look into the matter.

Hessy, as he is popularly referred to, is loved and feared in equal measure due to his execution of suspected criminals although he has also been accused of killing innocent youth.

“I will write to IG to investigate on Haessy vigilante group,” said the DPP.

DCI George Kinoti echoed similar sentiments saying: “I stand before God, if myself or anybody who will ever cover for someone who has killed an innocent person let God curse me.

“I am saying no one will ever cover for a police officer who kills under my watch,” vowed the DCI boss.

The two were speaking in Kayole on Thursday where they met members of the community at the Kayole Social Hall.

They gave audience to members of the public who lamented the suffering they had undergone in the hands of police officers.

On social media, news that Hessy would be investigated attracted a myriad of reactions as some lauded him for maintaining law and order while others claimed that this was PR exercise on the part of the DPP.

“As on Haessy, I believe @JBoinnet is aware and has in a previous media interview responded to the same. I don't think Haessy is anti-community fellow, he is a resourceful person on policing. But I can be corrected.”

“You have deliberately mis spelled Hessy as Haessy. This is a PR ploy. You know very well who or whatever Hessy is. Keeps bragging on fb page, even posting Pic of bodies he has executed.”

“Hessy knows the system will protect killings and sell out those who report. Hessy brazenly brags about this.”

“@ODPP_KE, with all the resources and state machinery at your disposal, you know these people (cops) it's very difficult for people to believe your PR exercise.”

“kudos DPP by going down to grassroots and interact with locals you will be able to understand and know exactly what mwananchi is facing and all kinds of injustices.”

“Start with investigating gaza and criminal gangs around.”

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