Uhuru urges Kenyans to emulate egg seller who became a prominent businessman

By PSCU/Standard Reporter | Friday, Mar 1st 2019 at 11:46
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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday urged Kenyans to emulate Mzee Kamau Kabugi, a prominent businessman in Murang’a, who used to sell eggs before venturing into real estate.

Speaking at Gitui Village during the Kabugi’s burial, the Head of State lauded the deceased as a hardworking Kenyan whose attitude should be an inspiration to many.

“He became successful because of hard work and respect to his family and all Kenyans,” said the President.

Born in 1925, Mzee Kabugi rose from being a hawker of eggs to a successful businessman with investments in real estate and in the petroleum sectors.

Through sheer hard work and determination, Mzee Kabugi who was eulogised as having mentored many people, rose from a life of hardship to become an icon of success.

The President further warned that the get rich quick mentality is ruining Kenya by perpetuating corruption, plunder of public resources and related economic crimes.

He observed that the high appetite for quick riches is largely to blame for the rising cases of Government officials engaging in theft of public funds.

He advised Kenyans, at all levels of society, to lead honest lives and to look for riches through hard work.

“We will not reach where we want to reach as a nation if we do not abandon the get rich quick mentality,” said the President.

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