Akothee narrates how a minister sexually assaulted her

By Standard Reporter | Thursday, Feb 28th 2019 at 12:36
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Kenyan singer Akothee has opened up on an incident where a minister sexually harassed her when she was looking for a job.

Through a post on Instagram, the artiste stated that in 2005 she was looking for employment as a cleaner at a minister’s office but she was sexually assaulted.

Akothee revealed that the minister often kept her waiting at the reception area and after a week, she was finally allowed to see him.

“I had met him through a friend and every time I went to his office, I would be the last one to be served.

“After going there for a week, I finally got to see him at about 8.00 pm when everyone had left coz he asked me to stay behind! I went in and told him my story and gave him my form 4 certificates, coz that’s all I had.

“His answer, “you are a brilliant beautiful girl!” then he said he will give me a lift…so we went into his Mercedes-Benz and drove off,” she wrote.

According to the singer, when they got to the Integrity Centre roundabout, the minister started touching her thighs and attempted to roll up her dress.

“I grabbed his hands and threw them back at him! He felt offended and pulled over before kicking me out his car.

“It was dark in the middle of nowhere, whatever happened…” she said.

Adding: “Did he care whether I got raped, killed, murdered? Coz I had only 20 Bob with no phone so there was nothing for thieves, but this was somebody daughter, someone's mother…”

Akothee, who has been in the headlines recently for an inappropriate dance style, hit out at leaders who use their offices to exploit women sexually, terming the behavior as primitive.

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