Aide preys on women who visit politician

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Feb 27th 2019 at 09:00
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One of the aides of an influential politician is the talk of town over his unbecoming behavior. 

The man who has worked for the popular leader for over a decade is accused of preying on women who seek audience with his boss.

Several ladies who have sought an appointment with the politician through the handler, complained to The Grapevine that he always hits on them. 

Not even female journalists have been spared by the boisterous man, a matter that has made them dread getting into contact with the right-hand man of the politician.

Many people have concluded that the aide needs to shape up before he besmirches the reputation of his boss.

Some of the female journalists have also threatened to expose him by sharing his chats with them to everybody who cares to read.

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