Maraga speaks on letter he allegedly wrote to Mwilu during her case

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Sep 12th 2018 at 11:08
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Chief Justice David Maraga on Wednesday morning denied writing any letter regarding the politicization of the case of his deputy Philomena Mwilu.

Through his official Twitter handle, Maraga clarified that the letter that had been doing rounds on social media is fake.

In the letter, Maraga had allegedly asked Mwilu to stop using political influence in her case and offered both moral and spiritual support to the DCJ.

“This letter circulating on social media purporting to be authored by me is FAKE, please ignore,” wrote the CJ.

Last week, Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji cleared the air regarding President Uhuru Kenyatta’s alleged role in the arrest of Mwilu.

Through senior prosecuting counsel Lillian Ogwora, the DPP maintained that Mwilu’s arrest was purely based on evidence and public interest.

Ogwora further added that Mwilu’s petition should be dismissed because quashing the proceedings would be sabotage against the DPP.

“To quash the proceedings as prayed by the petitioner would amount to impeding the DPP from performing his constitutional and statutory duties.

“Having reached an independent decision to prosecute, the DPP should not be vilified without any justifiable cause,” she added.

Last week there were claims that the DCJ stated that she was being targeted due to her role in nullifying President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election last year.

President Kenyatta, on the other hand, had urged civil servants to avoid shifting blame to their juniors, saying the war on corruption should not be politicized.

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