Photo of MCAs ‘misbehaving’ emerges on social media

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Sep 12th 2018 at 07:47
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The drama at the City where Nairobi Members of County Assembly attempted to eject Speaker Beatrice Elachi continued to elicit discussions about the (dis) honorable conduct of the politicians.

Yesterday, a photo of some MCAs at unidentified joint emerged and became a sensation on social media as it was linked to the planning of the chaos.

The MCAs were captured sitting around table with bottles of alcoholic drinks.

Some social media users claimed that the bad behavior by the civic leaders was as a result of consuming one-too-many alcohol.

Were some of the MCAs drunk when they stormed Elachi’s office and who dispersed the rowdy group using pepper spray?

In other news…

It is only a matter of time before a senator from the Rift Valley falls out completely with neighbours in her rural home.

Those who stay next to the politician accuse her of being both arrogant and inconsiderate.

This is after the politician who is doing her first term in parliament refused to allow water pipes of a community water project to pass through her family land, a situation that has denied some residents the vital commodity. 

The community members have vowed to ensure the leader does not get elected to office during the coming general elections.

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