New t-shirt women are putting on to make boobs look bigger

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Sep 11th 2018 at 14:33
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Lots of women will admit wishing they had bigger boobs, and padded and push-up bras are a staple part of many underwear drawers.

Some women are so unhappy with their shape or size they spend thousands and go under the knife to achieve exactly what they want.

But a clever new t-shirt could be the easier way to a bigger chest - and it's all thanks to a very clever optical illusion.

The front of the t-shirt features a specifically designed black and white grid with areas of shading, which makes the wearer look like they have a very large chest.

The t-shirt is available in white and pink and costs Sh2800 from the online retailer.

The online description states: "This t-shirt brings to life the world of MOUSOU(=delusion) that people secretly envision.

"With a unique MOUSOU mapping technology, ekoD Works effectively expresses the volume of your breast by the distorted grid patterns in the front.

"That's the concept of this "breast boost" printed t-shirt. Wearing it, you will surely attract a great deal of public attention."

The t-shirts have been so popular with customers the company has already sold out, but the website states they will be getting more in soon.

A video clip was shared online and people are loving it and desperately want one.

One Reddit user wrote: "People are gonna ask why I'm wearing the same shirt in every picture ever from this day forward."

Another added: "I need this shirt please."

One joked: "Do they make pants for guys?"

However, not everyone was a fan of the idea.

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