Five things Jubilee party needs to do to avoid falling apart

By Charles Bazenga | Wednesday, Aug 15th 2018 at 09:32
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If the events of the recent past are anything to go by, Jubilee Party house is shaking and needs attention in order to stabilize it! A section of legislators "allied" to both President Kenyatta and his deputy have been speaking at each other in public rallies, churches, FM and TV stations. The political fever/discomfort has been brought about by 2022 Kenyatta's succession plans... There seems to be silent divergent preference as to who should succeed Mr. Kenyatta once his term lapses. Such political rift could have far reaching effects including and not limited to the ability to deliver the Big Four agenda as promised to Kenyans. Below are some areas which if addressed, the party could last to 2022.


In as much as the Jubilee is one party, there are two factions; one faction that owes allegiance to President Kenyatta and another one that is allied to Deputy President William Ruto. These sides treat each other with a lot of suspicion and deceit. Pre-emptying 2022 Presidential succession is a good example of political sham; some Jubilee politicians allied to the President Kenyatta have repeatedly insinuated that they will not support Mr. Ruto in the year 2022. This in itself threatens harmony in the party. Differences in the approach to conservation of the Mau Forest between the two factions is another crisis. The presidency must come up with an agreeable plan on how settle persons living in the water tower. 


Kenyans elected Jubilee government on the basis of the party's ambitious manifesto popularly referred to as the Big Four; Food Security, Affordable Housing, Manufacturing/Industry and Health Care. The presidency must ensure that focus on the big four doesn't shift. They must remind leaders from their party that their core mandate within the next four years is to deliver on the manifesto as promised during last year's political campaigns.


There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. Whilst this adage has been proven in Kenyan political game, President Kenyatta owes his deputy, Mr. William Ruto. The latter has stuck with the former since 2013 when the former ran for presidency successfully. During Mr. Kenyatta's reelection campaign, Mr. Ruto was instrumental and robust in the campaigns. It's fair enough to say that the results would have been different if Mr. Ruto wasn't in Kenyatta's camp. For this sole reason, it's fair for Mr. Kenyatta to support William Ruto when 2022 presidential race kicks off! 


There has been a lot of political noise which drives away the focus on the Big Four agenda. The President and his deputy need to crack whip on their allies/proxies so that they tone down and focus on the campaign promises to Kenyans. There should also be a central communication unit on all the Party's positions; there have been conflicting positions by leaders from the party who purport to speak for the party. 


On numerous occasions (in the National Assembly, Senate, TV interviews and other platforms), sections of Jubilee Party leaders (allied to the President and his deputy) have openly differed. This puts the commitment to the delivery of the Big Four Amanda at high risk. It also threatens to disintegrate the ruling party! A parliamentary group meeting is important just to foster bonding and unity amongst the warring sections. Unity of purpose and command will greatly help the ruling party in achieving the ambitious Big Four agenda. 

Charles Muchangi Bazenga.

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