Bizarre 'umbrella-jacket' that you must see

By Mirror | Tuesday, Aug 14th 2018 at 12:57
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Everyone hates having to wrap up and carry around a soggy umbrella when it's raining outside.

They are a nightmare to be honest. They go inside out in the wind, and it's basically impossible to hold on one for long before you lose it.

Luckily for you, some absolute genius has come up with a solution that doubles up as an umbrella and a jacket. Amazing.

This is the very eye-catching "Umbrella Jacket". It would definitely attract some looks.

Going for a bargain price of £11 (approximately Sh1400 ), the two-in-one brolly and jacket claims to be the "ultimate weather protecting product".

To avoid the abject misery of getting soaked, it features a waterproof hood and large flying saucer-style shield across your shoulders to protect you from raindrops.

You simply pop it over your head and have nothing to hold on to. The only downside is you'll look completely ridiculous.

There are different colour options to suit your preferences: pink and blue.

According to the Blue Crate website, it leaves you "hands-free".

This is ideal for reading your book or looking at your phone while you're on the go.

The umbrella jacket is available in small, medium and large and is rated with four and a half stars on the website - according to over 2,000 orders.

That's right, over 2,000 people own the umbrella jacket.

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