Uhuru's efforts one year after last elections are encouraging

By Samuel Lopuo | Thursday, Aug 9th 2018 at 12:20
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It is now one year since Kenyans went to the polling stations to choose their leaders. They chose a difference. They chose change. To me, the result of the choices Kenyans made are already evident.

Let me begin by addressing the elephant issue here, which is the seeming inability to stop stealing from public coffers. President Uhuru Kenyatta has, for the first time, bared the claws of a sitting president by being serious in the fight against corruption.

Debates about whether this menace can be finished are ongoing. What is important is that we are having serious discussions about corruption. What should be known to all Kenyans is that we must brace for tough times ahead.

Tribalism has had its large share in our day-to-day decision making. If this continues, it will only feed Kenyans with more cynicism and fear. As Uhuru offers his own recipe for fighting corruption through lifestyle audits for public servants, I wonder why some Kenyans are opposing this wonderful idea.

If these opponents of the lifestyle audits have concrete plans that will reduce inequality, build the economy, provide more opportunities for the poor and end corruption and tribalism, then I will also denounce my support for the audits. But they must show me a policy document to help me understand what they have to offer Kenyans. I have never believed that Government can solve every problem as easily or as quickly as we would like.

I know that ultimately, the strength and functionality of a government is firmly grounded in the people. On this matter, the President has really made an effort.

Uhuru Kenyatta has stood firmly on the side of the common mwananchi and tried, more than anyone else, to reflect our deepest values and commitments. He has refocused his energies on building an economy that grows and gives every child, woman and man in this country a fair chance at success.

If he continues this way for the next four years, then I remain confident that the future of this country will be brighter than the past. I am very sure and optimistic that our best days in this country are still ahead.

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