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How you can overcome not loving/feeling an attachment to your child

Not feeling a bond with your child may still be taboo, but it's also very common...
Mar 28, 2017

The single worst thing men can do during sex

Men do things in bed. They might think they're being absolute sex wizards, but sometimes they get it wrong....
Mar 28, 2017

Do billionaire marriages REALLY last longer?

Today's Financial Times reports that billionaires have a lower divorce rate than you might think - "The mystery of billionaires' long marriages'. That sounded surprising to we investigated, looking at the top 50 people in the Forbes billionaires list....
Mar 28, 2017

How to take the perfect baby photo: Expert shares tips on capturing your children perfectly

So whether you have a wriggly newborn or a reluctant teen, you can coax the photo you want out of them....
Mar 28, 2017

Why do men act the way they do? Find out the strange traits

From HAVING to rule the barbecue to peeing on the seat, Why Men Skim Stones by Chris Windle delves into the male brain to explain blokes' quirky behaviour...
Mar 28, 2017

There's one amazing thing you can do with your umbilical cord after birth

Connecting a baby to the mum's placenta, the umbilical cord not only has a crucial physiological role, but many parents also attach a degree of sentiment to it....
Mar 28, 2017

Five conditions you could be suffering from if you’re feeling bloated

It’s probably fair to say you ­overindulged during Christmas and New Year and that glut of mince pies, booze and trips to the buffet table left you bloated or with a dodgy tum....
Mar 28, 2017

Beatrice Omoke: I had no idea I was carrying quadruplets

The babies weighed between 1.2kg and 1.5kg. Beatrice and her husband had one child before they got their "four bundles of joy"; a daughter aged four....
Mar 28, 2017

This is how to make your bed easily - and in the quickest time possible

You will need a wooden spoon for accuracy...
Mar 28, 2017

This is why we cry - and there's a lot more to it than just feeling sad or happy

Well, yes - our tears do a lot of work for us, some potentially even life-saving. It just depends on what type of tears....
Mar 28, 2017

Shocker for women in new court order on paternity

Ruling by High Court judge Stephen Githingi is likely to elicit fresh controversy, coming shortly after Justice Mumbi Ngugi empowered women to register the names of the men they have children with on their birth certificates, even without their consent. This was to be taken as proof that a man had fathered the child....
Mar 29, 2017

Making love leaves me in agonising pain for days afterwards

I’ve avoided it as much as possible, which was easy at first as we both lived at home with our parents, so the opportunities weren’t that frequent....
Mar 28, 2017

Raila's sister speaks on relationship with the Kenyattas

Ruth, now the Kisumu County deputy governor, speaks especially passionately about her relationship with Uhuru, whom she refers to as a close friend despite their different political ideologies....
Mar 29, 2017

I have one night stands while my husband is away

I love the thrill of it, although it’s tricky to hide it from my friends. I also know it’s not going to make the problems in my marriage disappear 3Shares2Comments Coleen Nolan ByColeen Nolan 21:49, 5 FEB 2017 News Opinion I feel terribly guilty, what should I do (Photo: Getty Images) Dear Coleen I’m a woman in my early thirties and I’ve been with my husband for three years. Over the past 18 months he’s been away a lot with work, spending weeks at a time abro...
Mar 28, 2017

New twist as investigators summon Joho over alleged fake papers

The governor later took to social media to castigate the police, saying the summons was part of intimidation by the Jubilee government....
Mar 28, 2017

Secrets of John Michuki's 1973 will revealed

At the time of his death, it is estimated that all the assets he owned and co-owned ran into billions of shillings. In fact, so indelible is his mark on the country’s economic landscape that a 2014 report, dubbed Wealth in Kenya, identified him as one of the wealthiest men in Kenya....
Mar 29, 2017

Plane crash kills six people in eastern Zimbabwe

Six people were killed when a small plane crashed in eastern Zimbabwe near the border with Mozambique, a state-owned newspaper said on Tuesday....
Mar 28, 2017

Virgin soils of Kericho provide answers for failing antibiotics

The researchers from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri) have found the substance in the virgin soils of Kipkelion East and West, Belgut, Ainamoi, Sigowet, and Bureti sub-counties in Kericho County....
Mar 29, 2017

Putin critic Alexei Navalny jailed after protests across Russia

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was handed a 15-day jail sentence on Monday for his part in a big anti-government protest in Moscow which buoyed the liberal opposition's morale a year before a presidential election....
Mar 28, 2017

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