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County procurement offices targeted in war against graft

This follows reports that corruption was rife in counties, especially in procurement departments. This emerged at the close of a one-week induction workshop for senators held at Simba Lodge Naivasha....
Sep 25, 2017

Study: Female gold diggers at risk of passing mercury to unborn babies

Women in gold mining sites in Migori County are exposed to high levels of mercury that could harm them and their unborn babies....
Sep 25, 2017

Uhuru Kenyatta's son reads speech from phone, Kenyans react (Video)

There was drama in Nandi County on Sunday when Muhoho Kenyatta, son to President Uhuru Kenyatta, was unable to deliver a speech in the Swahili language....
Sep 25, 2017

Billion shilling u-turn that will cruise you to Coast in three hours

With the new six-lane expressway, travellers will have four options to get themselves to Mombasa, depending on how fast they want to get there...
Sep 24, 2017

My fiancée stood me up on our wedding day. Two years down the line, we had another wedding

I love you so much. Why do you keep talking to me like this? You have really been offending me...
Sep 23, 2017

Atwoli: Raila should stop giving conditions ahead of election

Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) boss has asked National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga to get ready for the repeat presidential election on October 26 and stop issuing threats that there will be no poll. ...
Sep 24, 2017

The kinds of friends every woman needs

This is the girl who knows every corner of the city, whatever you are trying to locate be it a street in town, or a website, she knows it....
Sep 25, 2017

There will be no ‘nusu-mkate’ government, governors tell Raila

Jubilee governors have warned National Super Alliance presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, against planning a ‘nusu-mkate’ government ahead of the repeat election slated for October 26....
Sep 24, 2017

How to reignite intimacy and passion in a relationship

Intimacy is the closeness, oneness of your relationship with spouses; emotionally, spiritually, recreationally, intellectually, sexually, and in many other ways intimacy is a journey that lasts throughout your marriage life....
Sep 25, 2017

Jubilee Party to amend poll laws ahead of election

Jubilee Party has said it will from this week initiate amendments to sections of the electoral laws so that 'technical matters' do not form a basis for annulment of presidential elections....
Sep 25, 2017

Union boss reveals two NASA leaders behind nurses’ strike

Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) has revealed that some National Super Alliance leaders (NASA) are behind the nurses’ strike....
Sep 24, 2017

Why Raila needs to do more to keep Jubilee out of Coast

Governor Kingi says campaigns done before August 8 were enough to ensure Raila wins repeat poll...
Sep 24, 2017

15 reasons why you should fall in love with your best friend

A best friend is loyal, so there will be no issues of unfaithfulness...
Sep 24, 2017

Caroline Mutoko's advice to President Uhuru- Resign and hand over the presidency to Raila Odinga

Former Kiss one Radio presenter Caroline Mutoko, has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign and hand over the presidency to National Super Coalition (NASA) le...
Sep 24, 2017

Kiganjo Police College, Railways get new police commandants

A new commandant has been posted to the Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo in changes announced at the police headquarters....
Sep 24, 2017

You don’t like my make up mister? I need several acres of land to faint on

Ladies who love makeup, gather your weapons we are going to war...
Sep 25, 2017

NEW DRAMA: Supreme Court Registrar accused of serving judges with wrong papers from IEBC

Esther Nyaiyaki, the Registrar of the Supreme Court, has been accused of serving judges responsible for nullifying the August 8th presidential election with wrong papers from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission...

Sep 23, 2017

Split in Jubilee team threatens Uhuru’s campaigns

Some Jubilee governors and their predecessors break away from party teams and vow to run separate campaigns....
Sep 24, 2017

Three Kenyan fighters executed by Al Shabaab

Reports show that the long-running mistrust of foreign fighters by the locals in Somalia led to emergence of factions...
Sep 24, 2017

People with this face shape have higher sex drives, more likely to cheat on their partners

The team led by psychologist Steven Arnocky at Nipissing University, Ontario, measured the faces of 145 undergraduates who were in relationships and interviewed...
Sep 24, 2017

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