• Legendary singer Aretha Franklin dies at 76

    3 months ago
    Legendary singer Aretha Franklin dies in Detroit, aged 76; she was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.
  • Clan casts out couple for disrespect towards parents

    6 months ago
    The clan also barred the rest of the community from any interaction with Kirimi, her husband Peter Kirimi and the children.
  • Meru woman protests after clan banishes her for disrespect

    6 months ago
    The expulsion of Doris Kirimi and her children from their village was after clan leaders met and decreed that she be sent away for showing disrespect
  • Lampard, Terry, Conte and English stars pay last respect to fallen Chelsea hero Wilkins

    6 months ago
    England legends Frank Lampard and Gary Lineker, plus current Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate led mourners on Tuesday in paying respects to Wilkins.
  • Premier League manager brands Manchester City ‘disrespectful’ after transfer saga

    9 months ago
    English Premier League manager claims that Manchester City are very disrespectful and did not act normal
  • Why circumcision is respected among the Ameru

    11 months ago
    As the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations come to an end on November of every year, this marks the start of a very important season among the A
  • Is respect the only thing a man needs from his woman?

    1 year ago
    "Love is not so important to men, the most important thing a man needs from his woman is respect" many say this; many have made it appear that love is for women
  • Ladies, stop giving chances to a man who only shows respect when it comes to sex

    1 year ago
    Ladies, don't get it twisted, it doesn't matter how long you have been together, if a man really loves you, he will be scared of you and his fear of you makes h
  • Senator Boni Khalwale bashed on Twitter following his comments on pregnancy and mothers

    1 year ago
    This sentiments from Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale have not gone so well with Kenyans on twitter
  • I just can’t stand people who get into my space

    1 year ago
    The golden rule of social behaviour is ‘thou shall not transgress thy neighbor’s personal space’, yet I see people intruding other people’s personal space.
  • This is how social media delink us from the physical world and make us anti-social

    1 year ago
    Remember the good old days when young people showcased ultimate respect to their elders. Whenever you happened to board a bus with an elderly person, you had no option but an obligation to stand.
  • How to get along with your room mate

    1 year ago
    The battle to survive in Nairobi is often brutal especially if your swords (read money) are blunt. The landlord will knock every month, food, water and electricity competing for your meager money. To survive often people team up. When the two of you are fighting against one enemy then the odds of making it alive and well increases tremendously.
  • I've been a good wife but he treats me like trash

    2 years ago
    He has even gone to the woman's home and he has never taken anything to my parents.
  • This is what Kenyan men want from now on

    2 years ago
    All men want admiration. The fastest way to finish a fellow, as a female, is by attacking his ego; Next door to me lives this guy whose wife has to engage him in a high pitched quarrel half the night, every three days. Ni ka ni dawa – ‘quarrel, once, every three days. If irritations persist, consult a divorce lawyer.’
  • Ladies,please respect yourselves!

    2 years ago
    The production might be a tad bit below par but that is subject for another forum, not to mention the conspicuous attempt and failure at copying the American reality shows; allow me dear reader to engage you on the cast. Nairobi diaries, far from the name is not a show about some day to day life of a ghetto youth trying to go through the hustles and bustles of life in the city of the sun; far from it.
  • The good Lord is not your sponsor!

    2 years ago
    It's a crazy world, full of all kinds of people trying to make it in one way or another. Now, we all have our deities that we believe in and worship. Being a person who loves diversity, I appreciate all the religions of the world and respect everybody's belief. With that being said, this is not a judgmental post.
  • The pain of a mother

    2 years ago
    We have all had of the saying ‘uchungu wa mwana aujuae mzazi.’ This saying carries a much bigger meaning than what most of us think. The pain of a mother is first evident when she gives birth to a child; some say the pain can be compared to being burned alive. It is this pain that forms a unique bond between the mother and the child.
  • Receptionists should up their etiquette game

    2 years ago
    There are usually a few incidents enough to get my nerves frayed. We live in a staunch capitalist nation; everyone is smart, busy and vulgar. I totally expect that. Little irritants like that uncouth neighbor who poured dirty water through my open window, to that foul-mouthed tout who tried to swindle me fare balance are just the little offences I expect, to make me fume silently under my chest on a typical weekday.
  • Teachers must understand that honor is earned not demanded

    2 years ago
    Teachers have expressed their dissatisfaction with manner in which the government has treated them. While they have a number of grievances against the Teachers Service Commission, it appears the failure by the teachers' employer to honor 50 to 60 per cent salary increase awarded to them by the industrial court is the last straw that broke the caramel’s back.
  • Respect women and instill gender equity and equality.

    2 years ago
    “If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done ask a woman,” this are wise sayings from the most powerful lady, prime minister of united kingdom Margaret Thatcher commonly known as the “iron Lady”