• Leased items best bet, says key supplier

    2 months ago
    GE Healthcare says the Managed Equipment Service (MES) programme offers the best strategy in managing Kenya’s health sector
  • Radiology services 'are available'

    2 months ago
    The Meru Level Five Hospital Chief Executive Officer Joseph Wahome, has dismissed claims that the hospital Radiology Department is not operational.
  • Medics leave for China for training in radiology

    6 months ago
    Government is sending hundreds of medical personnel to China for training in radiology in line with the programme to enhance healthcare in 37 hospital
  • Radiology services now at affordable fee

    2 years ago
    Costs have reduced at the hospital, thanks to a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta two months ago as part of the county government’s plan to improve healthcare and service delivery.
  • Why Dr Wambani is charting the way in specialty dominated by men

    4 years ago
    In a male-dominated field, she has been the pioneer of sorts. Where few have dared tread, Dr Jeska Wambani chose, from her early childhood, that it was to be her destiny. The Chief Medical Specialist - Radiology at the largest referral hospital in the region, has taken it upon herself to give the best for the sake of her patients and also mentor many young doctors.
  • Radiologist charts path in the lab

    5 years ago
    Dr Brian Bwombuna, 32, a consultant radiologist quit a well-paying job to start his own diagnostic lab — Scanlab Diagnostic Centre, with state of the art technology. It has been a rocky path transitioning successfully from comfortable employment to uncharted territory. He shares his journey with Maureen Akinyi