The man who was abducted with former Mungiki leader

By - Sep 23rd 2023

The man who was abducted in the Banana area of Kiambu County alongside the former leader of Mungiki Maina Njenga has come out to defend himself saying he is not a criminal but a peace-loving Kenyan. Felix Lekishe, Njenga’s personal assistant was born in Samburu East subcounty although their family has settled in Oldonyiro in  Isiolo County.
He has been Njenga`s personal assistant since 2018. Twice this year, Lekishe has been seized while in the company of Njenga. The first arrest was in July in the Kiserian area before the recent abduction by people believed to be police officers.

Initially, the graduate of political science and administration served as an aide to former Samburu North MP Mathew Lempurkel before linking up with Njenga.
The man is nursing political ambitions and does not rule out contesting for a political seat either in Samburu or Isiolo. “I may vie in any of the two counties though I don`t know which seat I might seek. But what I can assure you is that I have much following in the two counties,” says Lekishe.

For the last five years, he says his connection he has been able to assist 20 students pursuing secondary and university studies by paying their fees.
He claims he was attracted to Njenga due to his crusade for peace.

“Maina Njenga is also a prayerful person, and preacher and reads the Bible a lot which makes him to be a good person,” he says. During their recent abduction, Lekishe recounts how they were blindfolded and urged by the captors to support the government of President William Ruto.

“My boss Njenga has no problem working with the government of President Ruto because he is the one who formed the government and he is leading the nation,” states Lekishe.
He says different ideologies among Kenyans and leaders should not be construed to mean that people are at war. [Collins Kweyu]

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