MC Phyllis: I lost three phones in a week

By - Jan 1st 1970

Phylis Muthoni Maina, popularly known as MC Phyllis is an award-winning MC and commercial voice-over artist and actress. She recently won the Female MC of the Year 2022 Kenya Wedding Awards.

“I’ve worked in this profession for a while, and I’ve seen how difficult it is for women to succeed. Yet, I want to give them hope. I implore such young girls to hold fast to their convictions and to believe what they do,” she says.

Despite her being a master in her trade now, she also had her fair share of problems when she first came to Nairobi.

“Since childhood, I always wanted to visit Nairobi. I would hear amazing stories about the city and how it is a land of opportunities. Fortunately, after secondary school, I secured a chance to study in one of the colleges in Nairobi.”

As is typical, the population, the hectic speed of life here, and the scenery all astound most people and she is no exception.  

“Although I was happy because I landed in the city, I was met with unfortunate incidents that made me know that the city is not for the faint-hearted,” she says.

In a span of one week, she had mysteriously lost three phones.

“I used to pass by Afya Centre and that is where I lost my phones. Someone stole my first phone which, I didn’t realize until I got to Ngara, where I used to reside. My other two phones were stolen after someone cut my handbag with a sharp device. I don’t know how they did it because I never even felt it”.

The experiences traumatized her to the point she couldn’t even cross the roads and relied on her two friends, Ishma and Skinnoh, who would hold her hand.

“They also helped me spot landmarks within the city making it easier for me to manoeuvre. Many times I would lose my way, especially in the evening when boarding a bus to Ngara,” she says.

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