Switching from TZ to Kenyan currency was tricky- gospel artist

By - Jan 1st 1970

Dan Mogore is a gospel minister, songwriter, and live performer.  Although he says that music is his life and that he enjoys making music and sharing it with others, his first assignment in Nairobi was not quite rosy.

The speed of the metropolis was his first surprise after leaving Isebania. “Someone would assume you were begging if you even tried to say hello,” he claims.

Dan claims that before moving to Nairobi, he was used to using Tanzanian money along the border, so having to switch to Kenyan shillings was a challenge.

“I recall I used to live in a place where I was required to pay Sh800 monthly and translating it to Tanzanian money that was expensive,” he says. “I eventually adapted to the system.”

Dan’s music career spans 10 years where he started as a member of his church praise and worship team.

His first album titled Matendo Makuu was released 8 years ago. It featured songs like Nani kama Wewe and Matendo Makuu.

His latest album will be fully released by the end of this year.

So far, he has released 2 songs, the first was Nyakati Zote which he featured Denno and in his latest Najidai, he featured popular TZ gospel singer Goodluck Gozbert.

One thing that he emphasizes though, from the lessons learnt from Covid, is that entertainers and the industry at large should actually think of having insurance policies.

“Apart from global catastrophes, the need for proper insurance is not a new thing. From the establishment of Hollywood, the Broadway theatres to the establishment of home studios in every part of the globe, the need for insurance policies, has been growing”.

“Entertainment insurance provides a range of coverage to the policyholder which may be customized according to the need of the policyholder, therefore, there is a collection of policies covering different aspects of the industry”.

“It covers general liability, third-party damage, equipment loss or damage and other such coverage. Moreover, it protects the policyholder from libel and copyright claims which is very common in the music industry,” he says.

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