Prince Indah: I got scammed twice in one day


Prince Indah has been the talk of the town for his steadfast hit-after-hit releases.

Lately, his collaboration with Bahati on their song Adhiambo, which received positive feedback has led to an immense acceptance of vernacular and urban collaboration.

The artiste is now back with Herawa Ni (Our Love), which is not only sensational but also breathtaking for its video creativity, revealing Kisumu City’s beauty and cultural dominance.

Being from the lakeside, Indah made his debut in Nairobi and was baptised by fire.

With the perception that most shagzmondos have, that everybody in Nairobi has got their life figured out and is well off, Indah was in for a rude shock.

“Nairobi back in the day was well known for either the rich or a paradise of beautiful wonders, and such stories were passed from one villager to the next,” he says.

So when he got the chance to come to Nairobi to visit his uncle, he grabbed it. “I could not keep my excitement, I had to share with my friends about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The fact that he boarded a rickety bus did not dampen his excitement.

“With swag, I boarded a bus that got me to the Machakos Country Bus station. I was given a sack of maize to bring to a relative,” says Indah.

Being a newcomer to one of the busiest streets in Nairobi, Indah decided to ask for directions from a random stranger.

“He was so nice to me that he agreed to help carry my luggage. I thanked God that I had found a guardian angel as I meekly followed him.”

This script sounds way too familiar as the man started walking a bit too fast and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into thin hair.

“He left with my gunia of maize,” says Indah.

He was not about to give up and in his naïve mind, he decided to ask another stranger to help him locate the first person. 

“I could not trust anyone but the second man looked trustworthy. In less than five minutes, he too had disappeared with my other bag. I felt so bad that I sat by the roadside trying to comprehend what just happened.|

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