Inside 5000-room capacity luxury cruise ship in Qatar

By - Jan 1st 1970
Football fans travelling by cruise ship to watch the World cup finals can now add living on water experience to their travel bucket list. Organisers for the event which kicked off on November 1st arranged for a cruise liner which has docked at the Doha port to act as a floating hotel allowing fans a spectacular view of the bay skyline. The cruise liner has a capacity of 4,000 cabins and is touted as a sustainable solution that the country has long been keen on to facilitate guests' accommodation. Kenyan influencer and YouTuber Chinese Kikie shared the once-in-a-lifetime experience aboard the giant liner.  "It's an out-of-this-world experience. The liners have high-end accommodation that can match any luxurious hotel in the world while their hands-on services available further enrich the experience," she revealed. Specially designed with luxurious facilities, shopping malls, casinos high-end hotels, clubs and swimming areas, the cruise liner is a one-stop shop capable of ferrying up to 7,000 individuals including the staff and offering an unforgettable experience. Kenyan with Italian roots runway model Layla Gabriel who was also aboard the liner says the experience is simply genius and breathtaking. "Such a memorable experience interacting with fans from different nationalities all over the world. This is like no other."  Kikie further urged Kenyans to seek employment opportunities aboard the ship which hosts all types of professionals. "I was delighted to meet Kenyans working aboard the MSC liner and would urge all professions to try their luck with the envious opportunity to work on a floating vessel. Doctors, cooks, hoteliers, even the army have an opportunity to work on it. That would be a dream job indeed," she said. The MSC vessel is currently docked in Qatar after which shuttle buses ferry fans from the cruise ships to Qatar's transport infrastructure, including the Doha Metro, from where they will be able to access stadiums, fan zones and other attractions. The tournament, one of the world's most popular events, will offer an opportunity for holidaymakers from across the globe converging on Doha to experience the unique international experience.
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