Celebrities who like to go commando

By - Jan 1st 1970
FROM LEFT: Vera Sidika and Huddan Monroe.
Earlier this year socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe made headlines when she said that innerwears are for women with smelly punani. As if she opened the pandora's box, a number of female celebrities in Kenya have revealed tha tthey prefer walking commando. Interestingly, some celebrities who have have flashed their private parts to prove that they don't have anything underneath. We have the full list. 1. Huddah Monroe  Through her social media platform, the socialite revealed that she doesn't own a single panty adding that she doesn't wear innerwear even during her periods. Huddah said that innerwears are for women with smelly vaginas adding that hers was too fresh to be wrapped. 2. Mammito When asked how many underwears she owns, commediene Eunice Wanjiru alias Mammito revealed during an interview on Wasafi FM that she doesn't like wearing underwear because they make her sweat. 3. Vera Sidika  Popular socialite Vera Sidika revealed to her fans that she doesn't wear underwear because they keep getting lost in her butt.  “When you have a big house, ventilators should be everywhere, AC must be on all time and that’s why you’ll catch me dead wearing anything inside," Vera said 4. Manzi wa Kisii  During an interview with content creator Mungai Eve, socialite  Manzi wa Kisii revealed that she doesn't wear panties or bras with claims that she loves feeling free because  panties zinafanya "achomeke." 5. Pritty Vishy  Ex-girlfriend to popular musician Stevo Simple Boy revealed earlier this year that she ditched innerwear because she loves 'fresh air' . Mimi sipendi Kuvaa panties, huwa nafeel kama nimekazwa, napenda hewa safi, so wearing a panties is a very big no for me,” Pritty said during an interview. 6. Joan Obwaka  Digital content creator Joan Obwaka popularly known as Yummy Mummy revealed that she doesn't wear panties since they are a preserve for good girls. A number of social media users trolled for misleading young girls. 7. Mishi Dora  Former Nairobi Diaries  actress revealed that she doesn't like covering her cookie jar. If she wants to feel sexy, she goes for G-strings, not mother's union.  8. Amani  Award-winning music popstar Cecilia Wairimu alias Amani had photos of her nether regions going viral after performing without an underwear. This exposed her as one of the celebrities who have joined the "commando" gang.  9. Janet Torome Sision Actress Janet Torome flashed her private parts when jumping over security barriers during P Square's concert in Nairobi in 2011. Paparazzi were right on time to capture photos of her uncovered cookie jar making her photos  go viral
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