Here are ten types of Mama Mboga

By - Jun 19th 2023

Most of us who live in urban centers are well familiar with mama mboga who ensures that we are well-catered when it comes to green veggies. They come in different characters, some of who cut their fingers intentionally to ensure the veggies taste like beef to make you stick to their place while others ni wachafu kupindukia. Here are ten types of mama mboga you are likely to come across.

1. The veteran

She has done the business for over twenty years now and she knows everything about it. In fact, she has been around since the time of Moi and she has no intention of “retiring” or changing jobs. With her experience, she can tell you which vegetables have come out of sewage farms straight away and which ones have come from a village in Nyamira.

2. The don’t care

You will always find her with a bandage on one of her fingers. What is interesting is that her veggies always taste differently compared to others. You will find customers, especially bachelors drooling at her place to have her vegetables which taste exceptionally sweet. It is as if they have been mixed with meat or something like that. What you may not know is that she doesn’t care when she accidentally cuts herself while chopping the vegetables and the blood which oozes from her finger gets mixed with the vegetables.

3. Dirty Nancy

She doesn’t bother washing the vegetables properly before chopping them for you. She is always dirty and can even wash your sukuma wiki with sewage water if you are not around. She can wear one cloth for a whole week without being concerned on what people think of her. Woe unto you if you try to question her character.

4. The mushene Brigade  

Apart from being a mama mboga, she is also known to be the area CNN. She will tell you about which customer has consumed sukuma wiki for a whole month without changing their diet. She also knows which customer hajalipa for two months and even the one who works in a big company but is always broke.

5. The lazy bone

When others wake up ngware to get the best products for their customers, she can’t wake up anywhere before 11am. This is why you can only get nyanya vunjika or low-quality cabbage from her kibanda. She also has the habit of closing early before even customers start preparing supper. She will take eternity to chop your 20 bob sukuma which you are waiting to prepare supper for.

6. Hakuna deni

Debt or credit is not in her vocabulary and so she can’t offer you sukuma wiki under any circumstance. If you happen to take any of her products on credit, she has the audacity to embarrass you in front of her customers when you fail to pay as per the agreed date. When you try to beg her that the end month is approaching and you will pay her promptly, she will inform you how a lot of people have disappeared from her after giving them products on credit.

7. The broker

She always has the best and most healthy nyanya and fresh vegetables all year round. Nobody understands where she sources the items from because even if you go to Marikiti or Koch, you will never find the kind of products she is selling. If you try to ask around where she gets the items from, she will tell you that is her secret which she can’t reveal to anyone else.

8. Baba Mboga

Most vegetable vendors are women but here is an exceptional baba mboga who loves his job to the core. For him, this is a job he has known all along and his mantra is “what a woman can do, a man can do better” He has no problem sorting and chopping the vegetables if you ask him so.

9. The trickster

She is so hungry for money that you will buy from her a 25-piece of sukuma, but she will chop only for 15 bob and keep the rest. Most customers who know her tricks have to wait for her to prepare the vegetables until she is done. For them, this is to avoid being short-changed.

10. Mama Makasiriko

She is always stone-faced and will tell you to leave her products if you are a sumbua kind of customer.  She doesn’t tolerate nonsense or wasting her time while on business. If you try to engage her with a story or mushene, she will tell you to your face to mind your own business and leave other people’s issues alone.

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