DNA testing kits likely to break many homes

By - Jan 1st 1970

For several days now, Kenyans have been engaging in banter following a report of cheap DNA testing kits that could soon find their way into the market. Even though the earlier quoted price of Sh800 that had excited Kenyans has been disputed, the talk has proved that a lot is going through the minds of many.

Former nominated Senator Millicent Omanga for instance was among prominent figures who tweeted that the kits were now available at an affordable cost. As the debate rages on, City Bishop Samuel Njirriri has cautioned that if the kits will one day turn into reality, many innocent families could be broken.

“Basically, most of the people in the current society are not faithful, at the same time such technologies could easily mislead in terms of accuracy,” the Stewards Revival Bishop weighed in on the subject.

He explained, “Divorce cases could go up because some men seem to be happy because they have found a leeway to leave marriage based on the ongoing conversation.”

The clergy said he is worried that once the kits land on the counter, many children who will unwillingly get tested could be traumatized since their suspicious fathers are likely to harass them.

"Sometimes digging up things which are not known to you could lead to depression,” he cautioned.

A DNA test kit retails between Sh12,250 and Sh6,900 in some online stores that we sampled.  However, one is supposed to collect the samples for examination and then ship them back to where one bought the kits.

Currently, DNA tests are conducted when a court orders mostly in child upkeep cases or when parties agree to do it willingly.

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