Samido's gifted fingers make his women dizzy

By - Jan 1st 1970

Wise African men of old swore that a man would only find peace if his wife had a deputy.

That is the story of Mugithi star, Samido, husband of Edday Nderitu. Edday is humble and shorter than the Mumbi hitmaker. She also looks younger than Samido and is curvy, average in height, religious, and has that innocent smile that men love in a wife.

Samidoh with wife Edday.

The mother of two prefers to keep a low profile, whereas her ‘deputy’, Senator Karen Nyamu, can’t avoid drama and publicity over Samido who was born Samuel Muchoki in 1990.

Nyamu believes the 32-year-old police officer and father of her two children is worth fighting for, and fight she does — like nyamu; a wild animal.

A lawyer by profession, her drama and energy keep Kenyans — including millions who have never listened to Samido’s songs — glued to social media for the latest twists in their love life.

“Honestly, I’m unsettled. I’m yet to find a balance between my new job, family time, and personal time,” she tweeted after being sworn in as senator.

“Not really, but he’s worth fighting for.”

Karen is taller than Edday; slim, and flexible. She can twerk like a 20-year-old, shaking what her mama gave her like crazy.

In the shadows

While the mistress is meant to stay in the shadows, Nyamu has no qualms taking on Number One, and in public too.

“Something is very wrong,” Nyamu tweeted. “Hizi ni tabia za side chicks, not even baby mamas; I can never do this with my friends; if you want to talk to Mzee, talk to Mzee directly.”

Nyamu was belittling Edday for using social media to talk to Samido, her husband.

Edday’s mistake was saying, “Bernice Saroni Thanks so much, girl, for taking care of my husband; you’re such an amazing soul, and thanks to God, the tour was successful. We can’t wait to see him; we miss him terribly; see you in Dubai on December 17th, hun.”

Edday added that she said she was ready to receive the administration police officer, and that she looked forward to his next performance in Dubai.

Bernice Saroni is Samido’s bootylicious promoter and friend, and she had announced that the Mugithi star was leaving the USA after six weeks to return to Kenya.

Samidoh with Bernice.

An excited Nyamu took to her Instagram stories to share, “Counting hours. Me and one other. Mama watoto tumefikiwa,” she says, keeping the flame alive among her ardent supporters.

Unlike Nyamu and Edday, Saroni, a mother of four, is lighter and curvier. She is bigger than Karen and Edday, and looks like she loves reading, as she was photographed holding books.

Idle chatter

Are the two an item as has been the subject of idle chatter on social media?

“The ‘tea’ is very okay. USA people come out in huge numbers to see Bernice who has big assets and also enjoy the Mugiithi. Also, take photos and send them to me,” Nyamu tweeted.

How do Nyamu and Samido’s wife relate, given the publicity that surrounds her relationship with the singer?

The Senator once told a radio host that her and Edday operate in different circles and that she understands that her lover’s wife “has no beef with her” because she knows Samido is her friend.

Criticised on social media for letting their affair play out in public, she retorted that she will no longer hide her family.

“I will never stop posting my family. I have nothing to hide in my life now,” she said.

Her lover and soft-spoken musician grew up as an orphan, having lost his father when he was three years old. He lost his mother when he was in form one.

“I had to raise myself from there. I felt strong when she left, but right now, I go home and cry once I remember the kind of life I lived then,” Samido told the media.

He says that at some point in his life, he dropped out of school in class seven in search of a herding job before a good Samaritan helped him go back to school.

The soft-spoken singer later started his career as a backup artist in 2009.

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