Man in trouble for stealing neighbour's sheep, tomatoes and onions

By - Jan 1st 1970

There was drama in Kakamega town when suspected stolen sheep got stuck at the taxi and boda boda parking area, refusing to walk.

The act attracted the attention of taxi drivers, boda boda operators and pedestrians after a young man was seen trying to force the two sheep to keep on moving but his efforts were in vain.

According to eyewitnesses, when the suspected thief learnt that the crowd was coming, he tried to escape but he was unable to run away, looking confused and instead stood where the sheep had been stuck.

An irate mob wanted to lynch the suspect believed to be 32 years old but decided to interrogate him.

The man had no identification card and declined to reveal his name. He said he had come from Malava constituency some 30 kilometres away and that sheep were in demand and had a ready market.

The angry residents decided to discipline him, something that made him reveal that he had stolen the sheep somewhere in Malava at around 4am and decided to take them for sale in Kakamega town.

Locals found some sugar, tomatoes, onions, cooking oil and salt in the suspect's bag, items the residents believe had been stolen.

Alfred Shivure, a boda boda operator in Kakamega, said that they saw the man looking suspicious, confused and lost.

“His plans were to quickly get out of the busy town so that he found himself at the backstreet of the town where no one could suspect him when struggling to push the sheep to move but unfortunately things turned against him,” said Shivure.

Shivure added that the mysterious and magical power of the owner of the sheep was behind everything that happened to the suspect.

“These are purely mysterious powers by the owner because the suspected thief has just reached where people are and at a busy place then suddenly the sheep stopped walking. It tells you that the sheep are protected by some powers,” said Shivure.

His sentiments were echoed by Jane Omusintsi, a hawker in Kakamega town, who said this is a festive season and people are not leaving anything to chance, especially their livestock and properties. She said many people were seeking the powers of witchcraft to protect their properties.

Kakamega Central Police Station OCPD Daniel Mukubu said they had the suspect in custody, adding that the suspect stole the sheep from his neighbour in Malava constituency and his parents are pushing to settle the matter out of the judicial system with their neighbour. 

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