Sharon Njeri's family to testify in DJ Brownskin case

By - Jun 9th 2023

“We are going to be state witnesses,” a heartbroken Albert Irungu, father to the late Sharon Njeri revealed after spending the entire day at Kasarani police station recording a statement. Sharon was married to DJ Brownskin.

The man who couldn’t talk much revealed that mentioning of the case will start on the 9th of this month at a Makadara court,  adding that he received a call from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on the day he had visited his daughter’s grave in Murang'a to clean it up.

It is while there that he was informed that he was needed at the police station to provide information regarding his late daughter.

“I talked to my daughter while at her grave and truly she responded before I could walk away,  my daughter’s death couldn’t go silent.  I haven’t been myself since I watched the video,” says the father. He seemed shuttered after more clips were provided by his daughter Jacinta Njeri at the station showing how the Dj took selfies as his wife took her last breath.

This comes after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) successfully apprehended DJ Brown Skin, identified as Michael Macharia Njiiri, who had been evading authorities following his wife's tragic demise.

The authorities had summoned DJ Brown Skin to provide a statement regarding the circumstances surrounding his wife's death, Sharon Njeri, aged 33, who tragically ended her life as the Dj recorded while encouraging her to do it.

The DCI's tweet confirmed this, stating, "Michael Macharia Njiiri aka DJ Brown Skin, was arrested on Thursday night by sleuths based at Kasarani police station, after engaging them in cat and mouse games for the past few weeks."

Part of Sharon’s sister's statement reveals that she received a call from her sister-in-law who only informed her that her sister had ingested poison and she had been rushed to BuruBuru Metropolitan. On arrival, her sister had taken her last breath. Talking to Jacinta, she says that the information she got at the hospital was that Sharon was brought in when she was 3% alive, meaning she was practically dead.

Filling parts of the video clips which were viewed by the Nairobian,  the Dj is seen taking selfies as the wife lies down. This adds to the distressing footage which surfaced on April 1 via a prominent blogger, depicting Njeri consuming a poisonous substance from a cup as the DJ recorded the scene.

After ingesting the poison, Njeri collapsed on a couch and called her two children to inform them of her impending death.  It was later revealed that the DJ had shared the video with his other girlfriend, who resides abroad, before its public release.

Currently, the Dj is in custody at Kasarani police station, awaiting charges of aiding suicide and failing to prevent it, in contravention of Section 225 (C) of the Penal Code.

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